About Us

Zeta Publishing
was founded in 2009 in Kuzguncuk, Istanbul, Turkey. From the moment it was established, it handled creative ideas and scientific knowledge together. It started with translation books, original medical publications, anatomical atlases and original illustrations for the pharmaceutical sector followed by educational films, speech videos of opinion leaders, motivational videos and magazines, 3D medical films, concept finding and e-magazines.

After realizing that children books were poor of quality in Turkey and there were only very few Turkish children book writers, Zeta Publishing founded the brand called 'Hayal Kitaplığı” (Dream Library) in 2011, and issued new and original children books for Turkish readers.

Since January 2017, Zeta Publishing has moved to Bromley, London, United Kingdom and keep going with its classic publishing but also created new circles in web solutions, educational consulting in the UK, social media consulting, brand management and online sales ideas, internet publishing editing and redaction, pre-editorial process of design and creation.

Zeta Publishing continues to do business with its customers, saying "the future will be determined ‘now’ ".